24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICES - On Site Within 60 Minutes! We provide Direct Billing to your insurance company for our services! Lead poisoning is a major, preventable environmental health problem for both children and adults. In children, it may cause developmental problems, lower IQ, behavioral problems, language delay, anemia, damage to the nervous system and other problems. High lead levels in adults can cause high blood pressure, headaches, memory problems, kidney damage, irritability, difficulty sleeping, nerve disorders, muscle or joint pain and damage to the reproductive system. Public health problems related to lead poisoning results in billions of dollars in health care costs to taxpayers and the government. Although bans on leaded gasoline and paint have greatly reduced the incidence of dangerous lead levels in children, many children are still at risk for damaging lead exposure. Lead paint and the related dust and chips are the leading cause of high lead levels in U.S. children. The EPA has ruled that "Dust from renovations, repairs, and surface preparation during painting activities creates potential lead hazards when lead-based paint is disturbed and lead-safe work practices are not used." The EPA now requires certification for renovation firms, and training and certification for renovators to prevent lead poisoning resulting from unsafe renovation practices. LEAD REMOVAL If you do have lead based paint in your home, and you want to get rid of it, you're going to need to hire a lead abatement contractor to come in and do the work for you. NEVER try to remove lead based paint on your own, and NEVER perform any sanding or demolition work where lead based paint is present. Doing so transforms the paint into a dust that settles throughout your home. Once this happens, the health risk to you and your family increases exponentially. On the other hand, a state certified lead abatement contractor has all the necessary equipment to remove the paint completely and safely from your residence, so you'll never have to worry about lead contamination again. If you're concerned about sources of lead contamination in your home, start by having lead testing performed. Once lead testing has identified the sources of lead in your residence, you'll be better prepared to take the necessary measures to eliminate the problem. We provide direct insurance billing helping to alleviate as much stress as possible. WHAT TO DO NEXT? At ER Restoration Remediation & Construction, we provide valued and superior customer service to all of our customers and potential customers. We always strive to ensure that our customers are happy and that the work we performed is of the utmost quality. Call us for a complimentary quote or for questions at 562-292-7159. 1.) Call Us For A Quote Or To Answer Your Questions 2.) Setup An Appointment 3.) Professional Removal Of Lead Related Dangers 4.) Final Cleanup and Restoration Of Your Area To Pre-Loss Conditions!
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